i Marque Solutions is a leading IT & BPO Solutions Provider for Global Clients since from 2005. We provide a wide range of services aimed at optimizing your business processes and delivering positive outcomes for your organization.

To ensure eminent customer satisfaction levels, we maintain the high standards that we have set for ourselves, we employ the highest standards of workforce management. Our teams are led by industry veterans who can assess and create solutions for various industry verticals and segments. The teams themselves are young and dynamic.


Trust & Teamwork – To be a company that fosters trust and teamwork, and develops, motivates, respects and rewards its diverse people.
Ethical Behavior – Practice ethical behavior that reflects integrity, character and commitment.
Mission Success – Meet our customer’s expectations of quality, costs, schedules and technical performance.
Customer Focus – Be a company that is best at listening to and serving its customers.
Streamlined Processes – Be a company that controls cost, eliminates inefficiency, and constantly improves.
Technical Leadership – Maintain competitive edge and reputation by investing in people and critical technologies.


To provide and maintain a reputation for outstanding quality as a provider of complete solution provider of IT and IT enabled services, projects and consultancy.


Values are beliefs, which our organization’s members hold in common and endeavor to put into practice. The values guide our organization’s members in performing their work. The basic beliefs that we share as an organization are a commitment to excellent services, innovation, diversity, creativity and honesty.