Data Conversion

iMarque Solutions offers conversion from various file formats and media to other. With our extensive technical expertise in this area, we are almost certain to cater to any of your complex conversion requirements, be it in any format, and file types or media.

iMarque Solutions provides exclusive and highly accurate Data Entry Process services. Data entry services comprises of minimum of double keying process wherein data is re-keyed to provide at least of 99.995% accuracy. With complete confidentiality and high level of accuracy the customers prefer to outsource their jobs to us. We Offer data entry services for all kinds of textual data capturing from printed matter, manuscripts, scanned images, web research etc. with high accuracy levels.



Some of the services are:

  1. Conversion of data across various databases on different platforms
  2. Online Data Entry
  3. Coupon Redemptions Data Entry
  4. Data Conversion for databases, word processors, spreadsheets, and many other standard and custom-made software packages as per requirement.
  5. Add / Remove / Change Record Delimiters
  6. Convert Raw Data into MS Office
  7. Catalog Data Entry
  8. Patient Records Entry
  9. Receipt / Bill Data Entry
  10. Manuscript typing
  11. Taped Transcription
  12. Text to PDF and PDF to Word
  13. Data Compilation in PDF from Several Sources
  14. E- Book Conversion
  15. Conversion from Page maker to PDF format
  16. HTML Conversion
  17. XML Conversion
  18. Conversion from Text to Word Perfect
  19. Electronic Document Management (EDM)
  20. Data Mining
  21. Data Cleansing
  22. Check Processing