Medical Charge Entry Services

The Medical Charge Entry Process is one of the vital process in the medical billing. Because only this decides the amount of reimbursement that the healthcare provider will receive from the Insurance payer. It is very important that the charges from the coded documents are entered correctly and only the correct claim data is sent to the payer.

iMarque Solutions can guarantee on the consistency and accuracy of the charge entry services. Outsourcing your charge entry requirements to iMarque Solutions will improve your overall productivity and reduce your cost.

At iMarque Solutions we have well qualified and experienced professionals to work on your medical billing charge entry process and can work seamlessly on whichever billing software your medical practice employs. We will strictly follow the guidelines provided by you and see that our deliverables exactly meet your specifications. You can also be assured of stringent quality checks being implemented and the results being delivered within the timeline, which is an advantage of our 24×7 operations.