Forms Processing

iMarque Solutions process both structured and non-structured forms. Structured forms are usually in tabular / columnar format, which is easy to process. Non-structured forms are questionnaires or survey forms. Various types of form processing services include insurance claim forms, survey/market research forms, accounts/tax forms, resume processing, legal forms, e-mail forms, online forms, invoices/purchase orders, membership application forms and questionnaires. Depending on your forms and media, we can offer you processing through tools or manual data entry.

Increase your Productivity with 24/7 Forms Processing Services from iMarque Solutions

Your Forms may be in written or printed form, in a structured or scattered layout, iMarque Solutions will seamlessly perform processing. We operate 24/7 and conduct form processing within the industry best turn around time.



Some of our Form Processing Services Includes:

  1. Market Research Forms Processing
  2. Insurance Claims Processing
  3. Survey Forms Processing
  4. Medical Forms Processing
  5. Catalog Forms Order Processing
  6. Census Forms Processing
  7. Immigration Forms Processing
  8. Student Forms Processing
  9. Application, Enrollment and Registration Forms Processing
  10. Order, Discount and Rebate Forms Processing

Why Outsource to iMarque Solutions:

  1. Good Infrastructure
  2. Data Entry Formats
  3. Affordable Pricing
  4. Skilled & Trained Workforce
  5. 100% Quality & Accuracy
  6. Data Security
  7. Industry Standard Process Flow
  8. Quick & Convenient Delivery Timeframes