Image Processing
Digitization and Imaging

When it comes to digitization & imaging services, iMarque is the first choice of major commercial publishers, Global 2000 enterprises and important archives & museums.

A peerless reputation built on two decades of industry leadership. Unrivalled experience, especially with challenging material or high volumes. Massive investments in cutting-edge technologies, processes and infrastructure. An absolute obsession with quality. Scalability, rapid turnaround times and superior client service…. It’s hard to isolate just one factor.

And we’re not sure you have to. Because when you add it all up, it becomes clear that you get far better outcomes and vastly improved economics by partnering with iMarque.


Smarts and Strength

With graphics specialists on three continents, we own and operate the largest, most advanced content production infrastructure in the world.

This includes eight state-of-the-art content production facilities, five professional services centers, and an India-based technology center dedicated to developing tools and applications to support and advance our work in digitization and imaging.

iMarque performs many of the world’s largest, most complex digitization tasks. This technology center is also where we develop tools and processes to overcome complex logistical issues and to customize the tools and processes that support our stringent quality control regimes.

Our global facilities accommodate more than 15,000 content specialists and are replete with the finest scanning and imaging equipment – everything imaginable, from fast flatbed scanners to overhead planetary scanners including several Suprascan Digibook scanners, the very scanner chosen to digitize the Gutenberg Bible.

Best Practices, Better Results

Every digitization or imaging project will have its own specific quality requirements. For the Web, for example, file size is often an issue – while for print or archival purposes, quality is generally most important. We understand all these issues because we’ve done more of this than anyone else. We tailor proven solutions to your requirements.

To ensure quality, iMarque uses imaging technologies that give our specialists more image data than conventional technologies. Used in tandem with the leading commercial applications, we deliver superior results every time.

And image quality is critical for digitization projects where text extraction through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is required. iMarque’s proprietary imaging technologies and stringent processes and specifications ensure superior quality imaging – resulting in fewer first-pass OCR errors and greater overall text accuracy.

First-pass OCR success is essential for these projects: it minimizes the amount of manual correction or editorial rework required – improving quality and helping maximize savings.

The Web is rapidly changing the way we conduct our business. It acts as a catalyst in fueling the economy worldwide. As a result, a whole New World with unlimited opportunities is opening its doors to the business community across the globe.