Inbound Call Support – Outbound Call Support

Inbound Call Support – Technical & Non-Technical

An inbound call center deals with much of incoming calls. That means that customers or potential customers are phoning you rather than the other way around.
Because of this, most inbound call centers are customer service focused. Customers will call into these types of call centers when they need assistance with the product or service they specialize in.

Outbound Call Support – Technical & Non-Technical

An outbound call center is a business activity where a collection of call center agents make outgoing calls to prospective or existing customers. This activity is usually technology enabled – typically using a predictive dialer – so that large numbers of calls can be made per hour.

The most common uses of outbound call center are:
• Proactive customer service (e.g. informing of delays, problems, delivery arrangements, etc.)
• Sales calls to new (prospective) customers
• Renewals (sales calls to existing customers)
• Cross-selling or up-selling sales calls to existing customers
• Debt collection
• Customer satisfaction surveys
• Market research
• Appointment booking