Research and Analysis

Research and Analysis are two different distinct, but they are always a linked activity. Research is all about finding out what is going, it is fact based and often includes significant numeric data. Analysis is the process that follows the acquisition and collation of disparate facts; analysis is the intellectual process of inferring meaning, identifying patterns and realizing consequences from the clutter of facts that have been retrieved through research.

Market Research:

  1. International Market Research
  2. Identifying New Markets and Potential Foreign Business Partners
  3. Competitor Analysis and Market Size Research
  4. Branding and Marketing Research for Market Plan Development
  5. Primary and Secondary Data Collection

Financial Research Services

  1. Equity Research
  2. Credit Research
  3. Retail Brokerage Research
  4. Derivatives Offshoring
  5. Commodities Research
  6. Retail Risk Analytics
  7. Fundamental Analytics
  8. Asset Management Support

Business Research Services

  1. SWOT and PESTEL Analysis
  2. Primary & Secondary Research
  3. Database Creation Services
  4. Business Report Writing
  5. Industry Profiling and Analysis
  6. Business Competitor Analysis
  7. Online Business Research

Business Analytics Services

  1. Predictive Analytics
  2. Survey Analytics
  3. Risk Analytics
  4. Retail Analytics
  5. Supply Chain Analytics
  6. Contact Center Analytics
  7. Collections Analytics
  8. Financial Analytics