Revenue Cycle Management

In healthcare industry systematized revenue cycle management is one of the key process for the smooth administration for hospitals and other medical institutions. iMarque Solutions is one of the leading Healthcare BPO Services company, delivers comprehensive Healthcare and Medical Revenue Cycle Management Outsourcing Services; our services range from pre-registration and scheduling of appointments to coding and billing. In adherence with the HIPAA standards, we offer a systematic approach which ensures the safety of patient information and maximizes the efficiency of our clients’ operations.

Revenue Cycle Management End-to-End Services

iMarque Solutions handles all the administrative processes related to the medical revenue cycle management, to allow you to concentrate on providing optimum care to patients. Outsourcing revenue cycle management to iMarque Solutions will ensure a more streamlined, cost-effective medical billing process, which will result in a reduction in write-offs, an accelerated revenue generation cycle and improved patient-provider relationships.

Our revenue cycle management services for the healthcare industry include medical Insurance claims processing services, medical billing. Medical coding and others, all of which focus on data quality and data accuracy.

We offer the perfect combination of outstanding customer service and a very high collection rate. We get your claims paid fast, and we are available to discuss and issues or answer any questions.

Our comprehensive range of revenue cycle management services for the healthcare industry include:

  1. Patient Registration
  2. Identifying and Entering Patient Information Required for Billing – Including using CPT and ICD-10 codes
  3. Medical Coding
  4. Medical Billing
  5. Eligibility Verification
  6. Claims Authentication Check
  7. Claims Generation
  8. Claims Submission
  9. A/R Collections
  10. Charge Entry and Payment Posting
  11. Charge Capture and Coding
  12. Insurance Follow-Up
  13. Denial Management
  14. Patient Follow-up
  15. Reporting
  16. Credit Balances
  17. Provider Enrollment and Credentialing