Web Research Services

iMarque Solutions provides web research or web scrapping solutions to help our clients with prevalent market trends for driving revenue and cutting costs. Some of the companies outsource web extraction for data mining to us, and predict those untapped business opportunities, formulate their pricing strategy based on how their competitors are pricing their products online, and more. We create databases from web-based data extracted from Google, Yahoo, and Bing, as they narrow and limit the results.

Our Team will be digging into a vast array of information, it may be online or offline, we provide facts like e-mail ids, contact information, designation/position information, with a wide variety of images and document files, company website/URLs, etc.

Web Research Services Offering:

  1. Leads Generation: Collect the Professional profiles, their resumes, contact details i.e. Name, Address, Emails, Phone number
  2. Property Documents Research: Including mortgages, deeds, foreclosures, title research, assignments, releases, credits & much more.
  3. Products Research: Comprising of SKUs, technical specs, design, pricing, pictures / images, trend, feedback / rating & many more.
  4. Online Research: Involves e-commerce, shopping, cell phone, mobile, TV, movie, pictures & much more.
  5. Professional Services: For professionals including doctors, plumbers, carpenters, painters, legalities, academics, professionals & many more.
  6. Events Research: That covers exhibitions, trade shows, seminars, webinars & many more.
  7. Document Research: For journal, magazines, thesis, technical, white paper, news & many more.